Corona Virus 2020

May 9th COVID-19 Update:


Greetings to our remarkably considerate clients!  First, we want to THANK YOU for the support and patience you have shown in these quite peculiar circumstances.   We know the inability to be with your pet during examinations has been stressful; we know the phones have often been busy; we know the wait times are sometimes long and frustrating.  You’ve been nothing but kind and thankful, which has been a tremendous source of inspiration and encouragement.  We appreciate YOU more than you know!


Next comes the good news!  In accordance with Governor Hogan’s expectation to begin Phase 1 of re-opening, and because of the fact that routine wellness examinations/vaccinations/procedures can only be delayed so long without detriment to the health of the animal, the Maryland State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners has relaxed our restrictions.  We are now able to perform annual examinations, all vaccinations, lab tests, AND elective surgeries such as spays, neuters, & dental prophylaxis!!  We are quite relieved to receive this news, as we do believe that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and are eager to resume preventive medicine for our canine and feline friends.  


Our curbside service appointment protocols will remain in place, as instructed by the State Board.  We know the process is disconcerting (and often find it so ourselves even after a month of acclimation).  We’re doing our best to minimize any additional stress on our patients and we attempt to approach special circumstances with creativity and compassion.  Finding the balance between assuaging client/patient anxiety and maintaining safety protocols is challenging.  Keeping that balance is second only to providing the highest standard of medical care for your cherished companions.  


We are still doing our best to preserve PPE, as we know there are extensive shortages that leave our frontline workers at risk.  We’ve been able to do so, in part, thanks to some of our many kindhearted and talented clients!  Handmade cloth face masks have been donated to our staff for use during daily nonsterile tasks.  That reserves our surgical face masks for procedures requiring sterility, and allows us to leave more surgical and disposable masks in the supply chain to increase availability to those that need them.  (Yes, we know cloth isn’t the ideal protective material and that fabric type/mask fit matter, nothing about this global problem is ideal).  We are so grateful to our clients for those donations and recognize that this is just ONE exemplification of the character of our clientele.  We are so blessed to know you ALL!


Until next time…be safe, be well, be kind…and give those kitties and canines some treats from us!


Dr. Zimmerman & your RAH team

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