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Hello Friends of Ruxton Animal Hospital! 

We are pleased to announce that we will be making some changes in our operations. It is our responsibility to provide a safe environment for our team and our community. While there is still uncertainty surrounding covid-19, we have been monitoring the risk within the community utilizing the CDC’s County Check tool and have found over the course of a 10 week period that our community risk ranges on average from medium to low.  Under the current climate and conditions, we have decided to update our covid protocols. These updates will take place beginning September 1st. Please, review details below:

  • MAXIMUM CLIENT OCCUPANCY is 10 clients at any one time. TWO clients per appointment can be present during DVM exams and in the lobby area.

  • MASKS will be optional within the building for all team members and clients regardless of vaccine status. However, we do ask that if you are experiencing any symptoms (such as, fever, coughing, shortness of breath, etc;) that you do NOT enter the building. In the event these symptoms are observed and/or there is any suspicion of illness you WILL be required to mask. Masks will still be made available upon request. 

  • APPOINTMENTS: We are still STRONGLY encouraging clients to CALL UPON ARRIVAL. Your assigned technician will meet you at your vehicle and escort you and your pet into the hospital to minimize any stressful encounters between patients in front of the clinic. 

  • TECHNICIAN APPOINTMENTS/PROCEDURE ADMISSION & DISCHARGE/DROP-OFFS: Will still be conducted curbside for the reason mentioned above.  Too many dogs, cats, and humans milling around the clinic entrances creates a stressful environment for multiple parties.  Please call the clinic upon arrival and we will guide you through the process as usual. 

  • MEDICATION & FOOD PICKUP/SAMPLE SUBMISSION: Again, will be curbside and conducted as we’ve been doing  for the last couple of years.  Please call upon arrival to process payment and ensure items are readily available. If items are not available and there is a delay in preparation, you may be directed to wait outside of the clinic. This will allow for optimal facilitation of foot traffic in and out of the practice.


These policies will be revisited upon changes in community risk, along with any correlated recommendation(s) made by the State, OSHA and/or the CDC. Any concerns or questions regarding the above protocol should be directed to our Practice Manager, Kim Wallander. 


We deeply appreciate your cooperation and support and will continue to do our best to prioritize patient care as best we can.


Warmest regards,

Your Ruxton Animal Hospital Team

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