We are thrilled to announce that Ruxton Animal Hospital will be welcoming CLIENTS (yes, you 2-leggeds!) into the clinic as of Monday, July 19th.  Our team has very much missed our face-to-face interactions with you, so we’re excited to have those once again!  Since the world has not quite returned to “normal”, we will indeed have some policies for both ourselves and anyone entering the hospital.  Some of these will not be popular; we expect some discontent and can respect the beliefs and reasons behind such reactions.  However, as a small business navigating a situation never before experienced, we ask that you in turn respect our efforts to keep our team and their families as well as you and your families safe.  Not all of our team members are vaccinated, and the severity/consequences of viral mutations are unknown at this time. Our policies reflect decisions that we’ve made to account for an unclear future.

  • ONE client may accompany their pet into the hospital. Please plan appropriately so that we do not have to navigate the conundrum of having children in the vehicle.

  • MASKS are required no matter your vaccination status. Period. If you forget to bring a mask, we will provide a disposable mask.

  • APPOINTMENTS: As you’re already accustomed, please call the clinic upon your arrival.  Your assigned technician will meet you at your vehicle and escort you and your pet into the hospital.  This is to minimize any stressful encounters between patients in front of the clinic.

  • TECHNICIAN APPOINTMENTS/PROCEDURE ADMISSION & DISCHARGE/DROP-OFFS: Will still be conducted curbside for the reason mentioned above.  Too many dogs, cats, and humans milling around the clinic entrances creates a stressful environment for multiple parties.  Please call the clinic upon arrival and we will guide you through the process as usual.

  • MEDICATION & FOOD PICKUP/SAMPLE SUBMISSION: Again, will be curbside and conducted as we’ve been doing for over a year.  Please call the front desk to ensure your products are ready or to inform our team that you have a sample to submit.


Any concerns or questions regarding the above protocol should be directed to our Practice Manager, Kim Wallander. Thank you in advance for your attention to this message, your cooperation moving forward, and your support of Ruxton Animal Hospital throughout the unusual events of the past year.  Our case load has been such that our communications have not always been timely, but we assure you that the ONE veterinarian in this practice is doing her best, prioritizing patient care, and putting in many hours 6 days a week in attempts to eventually get to each and every one of you.


Warmest regards,

Your Ruxton Animal Hospital Team