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Our digital radiography capabilities greatly aid in our ability to reach a diagnosis. Should your pet require x-rays for either an orthopedic injury or soft tissue illness, we are prepared! Dr. Zimmerman routinely consults with a boarded radiologist, Dr. Holly Polf of Ally Veterinary Imaging, in order to ensure the radiographic interpretation is thorough and accurate. ​

Often our initial diagnostics indicate the need for a more detailed look at the architecture of abdominal organs or suggest a mass lesion that necessitates a more sensitive and specific modality. Ruxton is fortunate to have access to the services of two talented and respected ultrasound services, Ally Veterinary Imaging & IntraPet Imaging. Cardiac ultrasound (echocardiogram) is also available to evaluate heart function, and all scans are reviewed by a boarded veterinary cardiologist.

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