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Interested in boarding your pet at Ruxton Animal Hospital? We would love to have them! Please read through our Boarding Admission Policies and fill out the appropriate form linked below prior to your pet's stay.


We are so happy to welcome new clients and patients to our Ruxton family! Please fill out the following New Client Form and either have previous records sent to us ahead of time or come prepared with records to your first appointment.


If Dr. Zimmerman has recommended surgery for your pet, feel free to fill out the appropriate consent form ahead of time. We will provide a hard copy to be filled out at drop off the day of the procedure if has not already been completed.

Castration Admission & Consent Form

Spay Admission & Consent Form

Dental Scaling and Polishing Consent Form

Sedation & General Anesthesia Consent Form

Drop-Off Consent Form (for drop-off appointments, NOT anesthetic procedures)

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