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We offer a variety of services for your pet at Ruxton Animal Hospital, from preventative care, to routine anesthetic procedures, to boarding services. We also work with Dr. Holly Polf from Ally Veterinary Imaging for more specialized services like radiograph consultations and ultrasonography. No matter what service we are providing, keeping our patients happy and healthy is the priority! It is of utmost importance to us to create as low-stress an experience as possible for all of our patients.

Preventative Care

- Routine wellness exams, vaccines, and laboratory testing

Senior care


- Soft Tissue Surgery

- Spays/Neuters

- Mass Removals

- Dental Care

Radiology & Ultrasonography

- In-hospital radiography

- Abdominal ultrasounds

- Echocardiograms

Behavioral Consultation


Critical Care/Emergencies Resources

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